Quick tip – How to choose the perfect lipstick shades without actually trying the lipsticks on?

Love lipsticks but hate the bad lights and tiny mirrors at stores that make it an absolute nightmare to choose the perfectly flattering lip colours for yourself? Not convinced that not every customer carries disposable lip wands (well they don’t) so if you dip your lip wand into the tester you won’t catch any unwanted cold sores or other nasty viruses?

This quick tip will help you to ‘try on’ any lipstick in second in the easiest and perfectly hygienic way:



Just hold the lipstick in front of your lips (no need to apply it or even touch your skin with it), smile and look for the following:

  • Is this lipstick colour in harmony with my overall skin tone? Does it make me look pale or does it brighten up my complexion?
  • Does this lip colour make my teeth appear brighter or do they look yellow?
  • Do my lips look fuller or do they look even thinner with this colour?

Remember: if your lips are thin do not use medium/dark lipsticks, stick to light colours or just use a transparent lip gloss that will make your lips look fuller and juicier.
If you are not blessed with bright white teeth avoid anything that is yellow/orange/brown as they will make your teeth look even more yellow.


The best tips to buying makeup products online

Girls/guys, let’s be honest: how many times have you ordered makeup products online and when they arrived you were fuming as the colour you had previously seen on the website  and expected was totally different from what you got.

Unfortunately this is a common experience with any brands, high end or high street. They are simply unable to upload true to reality colours to their websites.

Well here’s an easy solution for you if you want to make online makeup shopping a great experience with guaranteed happy unwrapping :

youtube logo

There are videos literally on EVERYTHING on Youtube so you will always find videos of almost any makeup products you plan to buy.
My advice to you is to type in the name of the wanted product together with ‘review and swatches’ as the swatches in these videos will show you the exact colours you would see at the store. Voila, easy peasy! Might be obvious but so many people have no idea about this ‘little trick’. Happiness guaranteed!

You can thank me later 🙂


Quick tip Wednesday

My top 3 natural skin care products on bad skin days

Being a Makeup Artist I have an extended knowledge about various skin conditions. A very common one is breakouts. And  we can all have breakouts at any age, I personally suffer from caffeine allergy so I should (but can’t really) stay away from coffee and tea. If I consume coffee every day in a row after a couple of weeks my skin just does not look as nice as normal.

Of course there are numerous things that can cause skin blemishes so when I suffer from breakouts I always use these quick acting inexpensive miracle things I often recommend to my clients as well.

  1. Dead Sea natural black mud soap

mud soap

The Dead Sea has long been a source of health and beauty and possesses properties that help with skin ailments like eczema, acne, psoriasis, stimulate blood circulation and restore water to body cells. This soap contains olive, palm, coconut and vegetable oil. It is free of detergents and animal fat and filled with the unique minerals of the Dead sea.Dead Sea Natural Black Mud Mask Soap is pure, non-perfumed and removes dead skin cells and impurities.

I use this soap twice a day to clean my face and remove makeup residue (do not use it on the eye area though as it will sting!)

     2. Organic brown soft cane sugar

I use this product to gently exfoliate my skin  (face and body) every other day. I put a walnut sized amount into my moistened palm and using very gentle circular motions sugar(avoiding the delicate eye area) I remove all the impurities from my skin.

Advantages: natural product, leaves a very soft smooth finish, inexpensive and oh yes if you accidentally lick your skin it tastes amazing 🙂
     3. Breakout ‘killer’ – Pro Fusion Himalayan rose pink salt block – saving the best for last!
In my opinion is an absolute MUST HAVE for anyone who suffers from acne or allergic skin conditions. I’ve been using this product for years and can highly recommend it.salt
If I notice any inflammation/spot on my skin I use a moistened salt rock and hold it on the affected area for 10 seconds. I use it only at night as it leaves a white salty residue on the skin. Within 2-3 days the spot will disappear – guaranteed.

We all have different skin types so the above products might not work as well for you as they do for me. I don’t take any responsibility for any allergic reactions you may suffer from the above products, I am just giving my advice on what has been best working for me and so many people I know.
If you suffer from severe acne or serious skin conditions you need to seek medical advice from your GP/and a dermatologist doctor.

Also remember to regularly visit your beautician who will professionally treat your problem skin according to your individual needs.

Please check out my website for camouflage makeup treatments that can help disguising your blemishes or skin imperfections so that you can get your confidence back and look beautiful no matter what.
My treatments are available for both ladies and men.
For my professional makeup artist website follow the link “Makeup Artist” and I`ll be happy to help.